NAME: Victoria Red Sky  
NATION: Anishinaabe  
ADDRESS 545 Eighth Ave, NYC NY 10018  
TELEPHONE: 1 212 501 6425; 1 917 406 4964  
DISCIPLINE: Photographer  


Painter or Photographer ?

Someone recently responded after riffling through my mini folio, "You're a painter not a photographer." A great compliment.

My first significant experience with photography was at 17; a Kodak Instamatic 110. It was a gestalt in synchronicity of composition and surrender to the Illusion of perspective. A squint-eyed upwards shot of a tiny abandoned shack decaying on an uncharted loggers' road between Andersonville and Sacramento in northern California. What had been a raging churn of river trickled meekly nearby.

In that seminal snapshot, the senses perceived that deep primal forest dank, the loamy smell in the chill of the shadow, summer's true warmth in the sun puddles. Any trace of human reduced to memory.

A number of cameras later, I am still surprised by my vigilant companion, serendipity. The symbiotic adventure through the aperture and technique continues.

One commercial success was the first wedding picture of Mick Fleetwood and his new bride, Fran, published in that stalwart tabloid, The Star.