Raving in the Hood

way back when in fact might be true another day

front of nose right there women muddle over story

how so gory women huddle borrow glam glory sorry

horror story what if told fabulous fable hype it princess

meets pimp prince lover type no fairy whore spell bind

resold retold twice say when old wives' tales start once

upon time design how whore score rerun remake replay

old lady stories for sure not all grandma talk will bore us

does not won't don't gossip go sip up truth loose lip whine

so girlfriends must know the endings not even how solved

enough crime about women gone way down memory lane time

done prime chance to become even newsworthy story rehash

hey hang around listen to made up story about she without she

never told her good points as she did not get too old to develop

on site insight to remember no one told life story honor friends

rough rave in the hood death just raven it after all up to no good

up to no good should we should should no body guessed nobody

does it free pick up babe from crowd unique freak speak out mind

find her cheeky side by beer table hip hop she hung kinda out way

away out not at fault mr one stripe fur covered guy puts her on hold

twine over under blur of odorizer testosterone blast infuse confuse

not her excuse me don't squeeze me again sir skunk embrace last

mistake she wasn't one to point out probable just blame perps

abc then v for vagina no actual intended victim game in tv view

was it only one time not so long ago did she play at risk knew

shame men grabbed between legs in sweat lodge dodge shitty crew

then when now after burn incense is compassionate common sense

cocka doodle doo she saw you do exactly what you try do when

they do make us mind a quick screw to do sooner or else pay back

raven in the hood more raven possible bitch best put out that posse

pussy ki-ten rave in the hood really in bloody rage mood brood

what fur shit sake fur split sake f-u-r sake us forever ever figure

give out hint to girl half baked self life time to wake up clever lady

f-u-r in sync forensic all four once f-u-r look out fur sense able

ndn time set on white cop watch schedule hours clock out wasted

overtime looking for sicko rude dude tattoo unglued crude prude

fluid drink filler up again zest get right rid off pest of memory lane

go down kidnapped in parent zombie zap flasher mo meant easily

flap & snap why take all their crap rap flak run away no forwarding

address forget falling in sack start it all over again re-enact a kill

bungee been in bad hair net day have we put one more crumpet

in treaty toasted rights go get it over top flog it fine dandy fight

nights succeed exceed next national day protest plan staged

complain refrain from fries ketchup mustard finally served by slow

whatever waiter caused by frequent wiener shoved in his face

priest proofed any chance you do want a chief with that similar odor

order up or do sweet tooth guys like aboriginal disorder any better

don't bet on it maybe they never transport her to safe deposit place

easily convince her not to have featured man on take out drive thru

menu readable after he poses silent stand on her cold body left out

in out field listen up warrior outcry lots of volume when we pull out

stake out vigil vampire ravage our hood would they do that all over

again and in time forget all ojib vocabulary like bungee means little

bit & ki-ten our first grand entry world entrance birth reality ritual

Marie Annharte Baker. Anishinabe Kookum. (Little Saskatchewan First Nations, Manitoba). Current work is Mirror Woman and Memoir. Books: Being on the Moon, Coyote Columbus Café and Exercises in Lip Pointing.