Talking Stick Arts Newsletter

Issue 13.3   |   Jul / Aug / Sep   2010


Letter from the Editor | by Steve Elm

When I was a little boy I loved going to the beach. I loved the salt water, the waves, and the crabs I would run from in the shallows. I loved the sun, the salt air, the seagulls swooping down, and the fish that would jump up from the water and back again. I loved swimming, going under as deep as I could, keeping my arms to my sides as if I were a fish... click here for more...

First Trimester | by Diane Schenandoah

Cover... click here for more...

Laura Ortman: A Special Chemistry
with Flatbush Avenue |
by Pena Bonita

Laura Ortman was born in Whiteriver, Arizona and stands out in any crowd. She's beautiful, energetic, stylish and upbeat. She lives in Brooklyn, walks in Prospect Park, loves art and music, camps and hikes in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York and comes alive after 5 (p.m.)... click here for more...

Arroyo | poetry by C. R. Resetarits

Not clean but splattered
from rain that hits these western roads
from head to toe the season's
... click here for more...

Elegy for Wilma Washam Rogers |
poetry by C. R. Resetarits

Whoever is gone
Loveland born
onyx eyes
... click here for more...

Ways of Thinking | by Dyami Allen

My birth represents a collision between my tribal ancestry in the Dinť Nation and in the Western world, and my life has been a struggle to create meaning out of these two cultures. On my mother's side, I am from the clan, Mažždeeshgizhnžž, which translates into English as Coyote Pass Clan... click here for more...

The Woman Hanging from the
Thirteenth Floor Window |
poetry by Joy Harjo

She is the woman hanging from the 13th floor
window. Her hands are pressed white against the
concrete moulding of the tenement building. She
... click here for more...

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