Talking Stick Arts Newsletter

Issue 11.4 | Oct/Nov/Dec 2008


Letter from the Editor | by Steve Elm

Amerinda Theatre is gearing up for its next project in our partnership with The Public Theater. Creative Writing for Native Americans, Tuesdays at 7 began life many years ago when I and a group of actors, devised a one-act play called Fourplay. After touring it around a bit... click here for more...

Black Feather on Ave B | by Pena Bonita

cover photography... click here for more...

SAMO = More the Same Ole Samo | by Pena Bonita

Unable to sleep, and itís already 5 a.m. Thoughts rule, and sleep doesnít seem possible. I worry about a granddaughter who wants to be an artist and has few other skills. I can think of three women artists here in the city who are homeless. They are excellent at their craft, have degrees, and... click here for more...

Snagging the Eye from Curtis |
poetry by Eric Gansworth

The first time I saw you,
I noticed immediately
that your tones were brown
but not sepia... click here for more...

Documenting Our Time | by Danielle Soames

In the summer of 1990, I received a frantic call from my mother, while away at University of Minnesota for my first year of college; telling me that something horrible had happened. There was a stand-off between the Mohawks of Kanesatake and the French Canadian government... click here for more...

Repatriating Ourselves |
poetry by Eric Gansworth

There is no need
for you to give
back to us
what we already own... click here for more...

Speaking Through Our Nation's Teeth |
poetry by Eric Gansworth

When you see me
for the first time
at a powwow or social
across the circle... click here for more...

Rolling Those Sovereign Bones |
poetry by Eric Gansworth

    to One
        to Purple... click here for more...

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