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The AMERINDA Art Market highlights a comprehensive selection of distinguished Native American artists, all members of the New York Contemporary Native American Arts Movement, a vital aspect of the New York City contemporary art scene since the early 1940's that includes large numbers of distinguished Native American artists. This diverse group of painters, sculptors, photographers and installation artists has interacted with developments in the mainstream art and urban experience of the time while creating a community in which the relationship between art and indigeneity was recognized and nurtured.

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The Heart Stays


The Heart Stays, a new feature film by AMERINDA writer and director Diane Fraher, just finished principal location photography on the Osage Nation in May, 2014 and needs your support. Her first feature-length narrative film, The Reawakening, was the first feature film written and directed by a Native woman and wholly produced by Native people. The Heart Stays is a coming of age story, about a Native American girl who must choose between personal achievement and the traditional responsibilities of the old ways. Learn more about the cast, crew and who is supporting the film, and how you can join them.

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This Might Be the last Time

This Might Be the last time

Tracing a heartfelt journey, award-winning filmmaker Sterlin Harjo interweaves the tale of a mysterious death in 1962 with the rich history of the powerful hymns that have united Native American communities in times of worship, joy, tragedy, and hope. By investigating the stories of these songs, this illuminating film takes us on an epic tour as we travel with the power of the music through Southwest America, slavery in the deep South, and as far away as the Scottish Highlands.

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Comin' Home

Native American rapper SHADOWYZE wrote, performed and produced this smokin' track exclusively for AMERINDA celebrating 27 years of serving Native American artists. Help support AMERINDA by purchasing this song from CDbaby.

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