Talking Stick Arts Newsletter

Issue 14.2  |   Apr / May / Jun   2011


Letter from the Guest Editor | by James Thomas Stevens

Upon arriving back in New Mexico a year and a half ago, I unloaded my car from the flatbed trailer and was heartened to spot the dried seedpod of a locust tree stuck beneath my windshield wiper. It had likely lodged itself there when I paid my farewell visit to my mother in Niagara County. I put it in the back of my car, and it later ... click here for more...

Cover Art | by Chris Pappan

Cover image by Chris Pappan
click here to view...

Syllabics | by Joane Kane

The sun made new again Shadows of ice As vertebra cut through.... click here for more...

Nelson's Curio | by Joane Kane

An assemblage fine And hidden: wooden
Shafts tipped with flint, Baleen boxes, women’s... click here for more...

Five Stops | by Joane Kane

A bloom of influenza Resistant to a blue Mass, a salve. Rasp And here for more...

Calling Collect | by Santee Frazier

See the child, standing in front of a payphone. Picking up the receiver, dialing, hanging up. His ankles dusty, legs, burnt brown, still tubby here for more...

Pastoral | by Santee Frazier

stark is the wood stove in the dark its bulbous hull a womb
of popping embers simmering corn filling the house with a nutty perfume here for more...

Columbus Endures | by Gerald Vizenor

columbus endures
as an old lady
in the park she wears robes here for more...

North Dakota | by Gerald Vizenor

the whole moon
burns behind jamestown here for more...

Tyranny of Moths | by Gerald Vizenor

feathery moths flutter on the screen
sounds of summer here for more...

Burial Waves |by Tacey Atsitty

They say they look blue from afar,
up close they’re green & gleam
like scales of sirens. here for more...

Salt Lick |by Tacey Atsitty

I left myself,
a heifer to her salt block, to carve hipbone.
Coxal deposits tinge dry. In the nape’s shelf
is a jar of salt:. here for more...

Essential Solitude |by Cedar Sigo

Blue Nile, Astral Travelling, Mansion Worlds
Anyone of those old gems and
knocking them back right here for more...

Dream |by Cedar Sigo

The fly touches down again on my living room bouquet I am sad to throw it out especially the buttercup yellow blooms here for more...

A Fine Romance |by Cedar Sigo

I slept adrift in the meadow and later stumbled
up a staircase only to charm its pretty
owner, she invites me to stay, here for more...

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