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Issue 6.1 - Jan./Feb./Mar. 2003

That's Entertainment!

By Steve Elm Being an Indian actor myself, I’ve always approached the idea of the “Native American Actor’s Showcase” with a mixture of hope and trepidation. The hope is that an agent or casting director will be impressed with my talent and soon I’ll be booked all over town in worthy productions. The trepidation comes with the knowledge that as my skills are being evaluated, so to is my “Indianness”... more...
American Indian Magazine

By Don Kills Right News has always played a part in “Indian Country”. From the days of smoke signals, painting on tipis, handing stories down, to television, radio, cell phones, and thanks to Al Gore, the internet, whether we like or not we are now connected to the daily goings-on of the world more than ever.... more...
American Indian Magazine Gallery

Here are a few examples of the photos which were printed in American Indian Magazine. To view the photos, place mouse cursor over thumbnail image and a larger picture will appear.... more...
Native American Genealogy

By Ben Geboe I thought we only had oral traditions, and any attempts at learning about family histories would be impossible. I mean, we didn’t write anything down, did we? It may true that our cultural traditions and history has survived through the oral tradition, but when it comes to doing business with the White Man, everything is on paper.... more...
Funding Opportunities

Don't let these opportunities pass you by... more...


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