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Issue 6.2 - April/May/June 2003

Letter from the Editor

By Steve Elm Several weeks ago I received a call from a ninth grade Social Studies teacher here in Manhattan asking me to come in and lead a discussion with his class. The topic was "American Expansion in the Nineteenth Century and Its Lasting Affect on American Indian Politics". No stranger to spirited political discourse I jumped at the chance.... more...
Trying to Write Indian Style

By Vicki Ramirez I started writing plays when the "Native" voices I heard onstage and on-screen didn't sound anything close to the Indians I knew. My first attempt, back in the early 90's, was with Chuka Lokoli Native Theater Ensemble. I had been lucky enough to find a group of like-minded skins, and our first piece, a collaborative free-form offering called "In The Spirit" attempted to address issues we felt needed more attention, (i.e. - what defines an "Indian", Urban Indian vs. Reservation Indian, racism between Indian nations, etc.) Cochise Anderson ("Goat Cheese" to his pals) was our fearless leader and together Kim Basset, Irene Bedard, Elisa Cato, Steve Elm and I attempted to introduce everyone to our perspective of Indians.... more...
Native Art Still Misunderstood

By Mifaunwy Shuatona Hines My people, Native American Indians, have among the non-Indian American people almost as many stereotypes as we have tribes: The Stoic, The Drunk, The Savage, The Nobel Red man, The Meek "Squaw", The Proud Princess, The Pathetic Indian: all of these types drawn against the image of a nickel Indian profile or a dream world valiant Pocahontas. We suffer from being asked stereotypical questions also: Are you a real Indian? How do you say something in Indian? Why can't you Indians get together and unite? Can you do the Indian dance? These stereotypes imply that we Native American Indian people are all one and the same. We are not.... more...
Funding Opportunities

Don't let these opportunities pass you by... more...


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