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Issue 6.4 - Oct/Nov/Dec 2003

Letter from the Editor

By Steve Elm What is Indian writing? Is it written by Indians only? Is it writing based around themes often associated with Indians? Can it be Indian writing if it has nothing to do with themes often associated with Indians? Is it ever simply writing? Is writing ever "simply"?.... more...
The World According to Don

By Don Kills Right With the slew of so-called "Reality TV" shows permeating the airwaves, perhaps you've had the same thought I've had ... where are the Native contestants? Okay, maybe you didn't think that ... But forget Native participants in a reality show. How about making an Indian Reservation, such as the Pine Ridge Reservation the setting of the show?.... more...
The Visitor

By Pena Bonita Darcy was going nowhere. Twenty-four years old, he was a failed Audrey Hepburn drag-queen impersonator; bill collectors started sending third mailing to remind him he desperately needed money. When his friend, the reigning elder queen Mary Mary, offered him a try at bartending in her bar on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland's notorious gay hangout, he put an inactive stage career on hold. She declared, "In here you won't need magenta flood lights with your looks.... more...
Smallpox Vaccine?

By Jason Turner In a report listed in Crain’s New York Business magazine, few have been inoculated in NY against the smallpox virus. According to the article only 340 people in NYC have volunteered to be vaccinated. The article goes on to say that since February the city Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene anticipated between 5,000 to 10,000 inoculated by May. So why are people not getting vaccinated?....more...
Funding Opportunities

Don't let these opportunities pass you by... more...

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