NAME: Alli Joseph  
NATION: Shinnecock  
DISCIPLINE: Journalist  


Alli Joseph, member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation, is a writer, author, reporter and television and film producer. In her ten-year career, sheís worked for such notable media outlets as USA Networks, CBS News, TNT, Warner Bros. (Extra!), VH1 (Viacom), Cablevision, Newscorp, AOL and Time, Inc.

Alli attended the Bronx High School of Science, where she won a Westinghouse scholarship, and began her media career in the Internet industry in 1995 after she was graduated from Vassar College with a BA in psychology/sociology. Briefly pondering a life studying marine mammals, Alli was accepted into a prestigious biology-psychology masterís internship program at the University of Hawaii Manoa, whereupon she moved to Oahu for a time and talked to bottlenose dolphins. Alliís path was redirected when she became the online personality "Cyberbabe" for then-growing Internet service provider Prodigy, and developed a large virtual following by helping people with their relationships.

Since then, Alliís work has run the gamut from coverage of the 1996 Republican Primary and the 2000 Democratic National Convention, to Daytona Bike Week, Sundance and the Oscars. Her writing has appeared in George, Premiere, Maxim, Playboy, The New York Daily News, The Miami Herald, People Magazine, The New York Post, and many other magazines and newspapers.

Alli has consulted for large media companies, including Lifetime/ABC, Oxygen Media, and CBS, and maintains relationships with New Line Television, MTV/MTVi, AOL-Time Warner, Playboy, Al Roker Productions, Cablevision, WB television, and CBS New, recently curated the first-ever Native American section at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Alli has organized venues for THE LAST PIECE, (a documentary she has been co-producing) at the American Museum of Natural History (in conjunction with the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian), The Hamptons International Film Festival and the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art).

Print and Online Journalism:

2001-present People Magazine - Correspondent.
Red carpet, celebrity parties and features.

2001-present New York Post - Contributing Writer.
Sunday Features.

2003-present The Miami Herald - Special Correspondent.

2003 Hamptons Magazine - Contributing Writer.

Entertainment column:

2001-2002 New York Daily News - Contributing Writer.

Entertainment feature stories:

2000-2001 Playboy - Contributing Writer.
Fashion, gadgets and style pieces.

2000 Maxim Magazine - Contributing Writer.
Various articles for men's satirical magazine.

2000 - Special Correspondent.
On-site convention coverage.

1997 Indiewire - Film Festival Correspondent.
Interviews/reviews for film wire service.

1996-1997 Premiere Magazine - Special Correspondent.
Humorous coverage of Hollywood events, including Oscars and Sundance Film Festival. Did real-time postings online.

1996 George Magazine - Special Correspondent.
On-site coverage of political events like the Republican Primary and Democratic Convention. Managed real-time online article feeds.

1996-1997 Adrenaline Alli - New Line Cinema/AOL. Writer/Producer/Reporter. New York, NY.
Wrote daily content, created and maintained character "Alli" for "The Hub," a sports web site. Built online community, ran nightly chat, developed interactive games.

1996-1997 Axle Alli - Hachette Filipacchi New Media. Writer/Producer/Reporter. New York, NY.
Headed content provision and event coverage for AOL-based automotive site via Road & Track. Was talent and directed development, production.


August 2, 2005 "The Shaolin Way"
Co-authored a self-help book about a Shaolin kung-fu expert who saves violent juvenile offenders using the martial arts. Harper Collins.
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