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We would like to share something important from the Native arts community with you. As a service to the community, American Indian Artists Inc. (AMERINDA) is hosting a comprehensive web-based roster of North American Indian traditional and contemporary artists of the greater New York City area. The NAAR is a single source of multi-disciplinary information of the rich array of emerging and established Native American artists from the many disciplines who live and work in New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area.

"Through their creations, Native American artists ensure the vitality of Native cultures, spirituality and life ways that serve to fuel the strength, longevity and ultimate existence of Native communities and Nations."

Report on the Native Arts Service Organizations
First Convening May 13-14, 2004 NYC

The Native Artist Roster is designed and built to serve the needs of the artist; introduce Native American artists to the mainstream arts world; and create larger audiences for Native American art. The roster is a publicly available archive of comprehensive, easily accessible information that we hope will put the artists themselves directly in contact with more opportunities.

You can search for an artist in three ways:

Discipline Native Nation Name

Click on the menu buttons or the links above to search for an artist within one of these criteria. If you would like to be listed in the Native American Artist Roster you can dowload the guidelines and application with the links below. We highly recommend you download the NAAR BioBuilder, as it will help you create a bio that is appropriate for the roster. The files are PDF documents and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to open and print them. You can download a free copy by clicking below on the Get Adobe Reader Button.


Thank you for your interest in and support of the Native American Artist Roster and please visit us repeatedly as the roster is a work in progress and will continue to grow and be populated by more artists.

AMERINDA does not act as a talent agent, manager or artist representative for any individual. AMERINDA is not responsible for or, warrants the accuracy or completeness of information provided herein, and is not responsible for the content. The opinions provided herein are not necessarily the views of AMERINDA or any entity associated with AMERINDA.

Thumbnails of images will appear in this
section of the page. Click on thumbnails
for a larger version of the image. Please
keep in mind all images are copyrighted by
the respective artists and should not
be copied, desiminated or posted
without express permission of the artust.

Administrative Coordinator:
Alex Andersen (Kiowa)
Native American Arts Consultant:
Lloyd Oxendine (Lumbee)
Website Design:
Patrick Tafoya (Diné)


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