NAME: Tanis Parenteau  
NATION: Cree  
DISCIPLINE: Actor/Model/Performance Artist/Voice Over Artist  


BACKGROUND INFO - I grew up in the town Peace River, Alberta, Canada. I realized I was an artist at age 21. The event that was especially influential in my life to make me decide to be an artist was in my final year of my undergraduate degree. I had one more elective to fill outside of my faculty and I decided to take Introduction to Drama 101 because it looked fun. That's when everything changed for me. Taking that class awakened something inside of me and I realized I had a true passion for something for the first time in my life, a voice that I wanted to be heard and feelings I wanted to express.

TRAINING - I have a Bachelor of Physical Education degree with a specialization in Physical Activity and Sport Performance from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, class of 2000. I also have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting from The New School for Drama, in New York City, class of 2011. The training at my school is Stanislavski based. My MFA training allowed me to discover my process, who I am as an artist and how much I have to offer in this field.

GOALS - I want to be able to support myself purely from acting—to be able to focus solely on that. I’ve found that my life’s happiness lies in inspiring others. Inspiring people with truth on stage and in film, however it may affect them—that is what I want to accomplish with my career. I want to show others—especially youth—that anyone can live their dreams, as long as they believe in them and take action.

CURRENT STATUS - I just finished performing a one-woman show titled “Sacagawea: Bird Woman“ at select New York Public Libraries with Urban Stages. It is a 40 minute educational piece for children ages 5-12 written by William S. Yellow Robe, Jr and directed by Steve Elm. I am now the voice of Urban Body in Vancouver. I have two commercial spots running on 94.5fm The Beat and Team 1040am. I will be playing the title character ‘Raven’ in the sci-fi feature film ‘Ravenfall’. Shooting is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2011 in Michigan and is being produced by Jerry Seward of ‘Cyberhunt’. I will be playing the lead, Serena Sampson, in the independent feature film ‘Landlocked’. Shooting is scheduled to begin April 2012 in Rhode Island and will be directed by Steven Becker. I will be playing ‘Meangirl (Maralah)’ in the TV pilot ‘Northsiders’. The TV series was written by Ellery Alexis of The Big El White Show and will be shot in Los Angeles. I will be playing the title role, MMA fighter ‘Amber’ in the feature film ‘You Have the Right to Remain Violent II (The Coming of Amber Dawn)’. Shooting is scheduled to take place in 2012 in New York City and was written by Derrick ‘Judge’ Early.


2011 M.F.A. The New School for Drama, NYC
2000 B.Ph.Ed. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta


Height: 5' 7"
Hair: DK BRN
Eyes: BRN