NAME: Victoria Red Sky  
NATION: Anishinaabe  
ADDRESS 545 Eighth Ave, NYC NY 10018  
TELEPHONE: 1 212 501 6425; 1 917 406 4964  
DISCIPLINE: Mixed Media  


As an instrument of expression, Red Sky freely avails herself to the collective consciousness, universal information which rises and takes shape as images of unknown destinations and worlds not yet formed. Working from an eclectic color field, the artist then surrenders to the instrument in hand...

The artist is grateful for the capable direction from Elizabeth Beckman, formerly with the National Museum of the American Indian/ Smithsonian Institution, New York, an artistic guide and most talented instructor of Traditional and not so traditional Native creative information.

Red Sky has in her history maintained success as an artist for commercial and private commissions in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida. Red Sky as a younger adolescent exhibited in Newport Beach, California.