AMERINDA INC. | American Indian Artists Inc.


AMERINDA offers the following services to the Native arts community:

  • Consultations with individual artists that give practical information and encouragement for emerging artists to enter professional and academic training programs established artists to secure direct employment; individual artists to get their projects funded, produced and distributed.
  • Fiscal sponsorship to both individual artists and small or mid-sized organizations allowing each to pursue grants from government agencies, private foundations, individuals and corporations with the use of AMERINDA's 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.
  • A quarterly arts publication published continuously since 1998, Talking Stick is a publishing venue for writers and poets; and contains essays and articles about issues that directly affect artists and their communities. A web edition is also available online. More »

I have only rarely witnessed organizations, which proactively seek out artists who may be unaware of the possibilities for support and who are struggling on their own. This hallmark, of facilitating opportunities for growth and exposure of an artist's work, is a fine example of an organization serving the artistic community and not the reverse. AMERINDA has on two occasions supported my work and I have seen positive results in both cases. AMERINDA sought out my participation, inviting opportunities to share my work.
--Eric Gansworth (Onondaga-Eel Clan)
author Extra Indians & Smoke Dancing